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The Third Reich, last months before the war


Grenadier and infantryman of the 5th Regiment of Foot as they would have been in 1775. On the morning of April 18th, 1775 General Gage sent Major Edward Mitchel of the 5th Foot out on a patrol with twenty men. Their goal was to intercept and stop any messengers from getting to Lexington or Concord and to prevent the militia from being called out (as it had been during the Powder Alarm).

They actually succeeded fairly well in stopping messengers from getting through on the main roads, but of course the militia warning system that had been in use by New England militia for over a century didn’t rely on just the main roads or on just one or two messengers and so they failed utterly in the primary mission.

General Thomas Gage to Colonel Francis Smith: “A small party on horseback is ordered out to stop all advice of your march getting to Concord”

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